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Frequently Asked - Questions
How to start investing with EvolaTeam LTD?

To start investing, register on our website, select a suitable investment plan and deposit funds into your account.

What investment options does EvolaTeam LTD provide?

We offer investment opportunities in NFTs, crypto gaming, DeFi, IPOs, IDOs, metaverses and other assets.

Is there an age limit for investors?

Yes, to invest in EvolaTeam LTD, you must be of legal age, i.e. 18 years of age or older.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts from one computer?

No, creating multiple accounts is prohibited.

What information do I need to provide when registering?

When registering, you must provide basic information including name, email address and contact information.

How often do accruals occur?

At the moment, one tariff is available, according to which, after opening, a profit from 3.8% to 7.3% will be credited to your deposit every week.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of investment?

The minimum amount is 30 evotokens, the maximum is 500,000.

What payment systems are accepted for replenishing the account?

We have simultaneously connected 7 cryptocurrency payment instruments for full and comfortable work with our website. Namely: USDT TRC20, BTC, BNB, ETH, DASH, DOGE and LTC.

How long does it take to withdraw profits to my wallet?

Withdrawals are carried out manually within 24 hours

How can I withdraw funds from my personal account?

You can request a withdrawal of funds from your personal account through available payment systems. The withdrawal request will be approved within 24 hours

Can I choose a payment system for withdrawing profits?

Yes, you can choose a payment system for withdrawal of funds if it is supported by EvolaTeam LTD.

Is there a minimum amount for withdrawal, and are there restrictions on the number of withdrawals?

The minimum withdrawal amount and restrictions may vary depending on the chosen payment system.

Can I close the deposit early?

30 days after opening the case, you can close it early and return the funds to your balance.

How can I recover my password if I have forgotten it?

You can recover your password by clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" on the login page and follow the instructions.

What if I have a question that was not mentioned in the Frequently Asked Questions section?

If you have a question that is not covered in this section, please contact our support team for more information and assistance.

What is an EVO token?

EVO token is a recently released internal token created by the Evola Team. At the moment, the token is in the pre-sale process and only now it can be purchased at the minimum price: 1 EVO token = $1. According to analytical data and expert forecasts, in the near future the price of one evotoken is guaranteed to rise to $10 or more. In the near future, the creators have plans to connect to popular exchange offices and enter the exchange, sell the token as a payment option in the service sector, trade, etc. In addition, owners of evotokens can make good money in the future by exchanging/selling them, as well as invest them and receive passive profit.

Where and how should I register to purchase EVO tokens?

To register, go to and follow the system's step-by-step instructions.

Where can I buy an EVO token?

the token is available for purchase from your personal account. To do this, you need to replenish your balance using payment instruments connected on the website. Also, you can make a purchase using the CryptoXexchange exchange service

How can I use the EVO token?

After purchasing, you can leave them on your balance and wait for the rate to rise, after which you can sell them profitably and make a profit. In addition, there is an investment case that will help you get even greater profits. In the future, you will be able to pay with your tokens at numerous points in the service sector, trade, etc., the availability of which we will inform you about later.

What is the Evola Team investment case?

After purchasing EVO tokens, you can activate a deposit on the company’s website using one of the proposed investment tariffs. At the moment, one tariff is available, according to which, after opening, a profit from 3.8% to 7.3% will be credited to your deposit every week. The minimum amount is 30 evotokens, the maximum is 500,000. The deposit period is 364 days, but after 30 days you can close the deposit early and return the funds to your balance.

What are the guarantees of the EVO token?

The main guarantee is the Evola Team itself and the creators of the token, who have 15 years of experience, multiplied by dozens of successful projects and the brightest prospects from versatile and independent analytical services. In the very near future, they will be added to official registration, the process of which is already coming to an end, the opening of offices, etc.